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About us

Laboratorio CIFGA S.A. is a chemical pharmaceutical SME located in Lugo, Spain. It was born as a spin-off in 2006, and its business model is based in the profits of biotoxins, specifically taking in account 2 basic applications:
  1.  Development of valuable compounds from natural origin, mainly standards for analysis and research.
  2.  Detection of biotoxins in food products and development of analytical methodology (HPLC-FLD, HPLC-UV/Vis, LC-MS/MS, NMR…) for detection and quantification of compounds.

Contamination of food by biotoxins has become a global and increasing problem. The current European legislation requires monitoring programs so to place bans on products that contain toxin levels above the regulatory ones. In last years, several initiatives have been focused in the development of methods of control that do not require the use of animals, not only because of ethical issues related to the pain and suffering, but also the suitability for all group of toxins, and the advances and efforts regarding scientific methodology for detection and determination.

The research and the knowhow acquired allow the application of the technology to different analysis, in addition of biotoxins detection, quantification of antibiotics, drugs, pesticides, vitamins, aminoacids, lipids…. So although the main core of CIFGA is the development of standards, we also provide analysis of biotoxins and compounds; develop specific analytical methodology; personalized consulting; analytical training and R&D projects.

Analytical standards

Standards are materials containing a known concentration of an analyte, so they provide a reference to determine unknown concentrations. These products are used for a range of functions within measurement processes, including calibration, method development and validation, metrological traceability and quality control purposes, specifically related to safety monitoring, but the availability of toxin standards has always been a major problem, because of their scarcity, and difficulty to obtain them, so very few groups spend efforts in their obtaining.

Commitment to product and service quality

From the beginning, CIFGA has been focused on a continuous process of improvement of procedures, working to increase our competitiveness and confidence by demonstrating our commitment to products and service quality by implementing and maintaining our Quality Management Systems with UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 for the activities “Design and development of certified biotoxin calibrant standards. Production and purification of certified reference materials (CRMs) and quality controlled standards (QCSs) for biotoxins” to meet customer requirements and expectations.

Supreme Confidence for your Analysis

Now CIFGA has become a Certified Reference Materials Producer accredited by ENAC with Accreditation Number 02/PMR003, coming into effect on 23/09/2016, specifically for the production of Certified Reference Materials of Marine Biotoxins according to the Technical Annex Ed. 3. This assures that our company meets every requirement for the competence in the very specific field of Reference Material Production, involving not only technical competence and good quality management practices, but also verification of critical production planning, material selection, assignment of certified values, uncertainty, traceability, homogeneity and stability, as well as packaging and documentation.
In this way, Laboratorio CIFGA S.A. becomes the first company in Europe able to provide certified reference materials (CRMs) of marine biotoxins, and the first company worldwide in being Acredited according to ISO 17034 for the specific materials of marine biotoxins.