CIFGA has a high experience in research, having been supported by several programs and initiatives:

Ongoing projects:       

  • CDTI and Technological Funds-FEDER 2014-2020, supported by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad. ITC-20161072 MYCONTROL

CIFGA participates, along with the companies CustomDrinks and Evialis, leader of the consortium, in the project NATURAL CONTAMINANTS CONTROL SYSTEMS IN CEREAL BASED PRODUCTS - MYCONTROL, whose general objective is to reduce the impact of mycotoxins found in the raw materials used for manufacturing food products for both human and animal consumption, in order to improve and guarantee public health, increase their quality and provide a high added value to these products.

  • Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad and Technological Funds-FEDER 2014-2020. RTC-2016-5507-2 OXIDRINKS

Promote technological development, innovation and quality research.

CIFGA participates, along with the company CustomDrinks and the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, coordinating the project ANTIOXIDANTS CONTENT AND RELATIONSHIP WITH HEALTHY AGING APPLIED TO SIDRA, BEER AND JUICE – OXIDRINKS, whose general objective is to determine the antioxidant capacity and the content of those compounds in the elaboration of beverages of commercial interest, in order to value its beneficial effect as a means of preventing neurodegenerative diseases related to aging..


  • H2020-SMEINST-1-2015. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 684290
  • ENISA Funding. SME 2016

Past projects:
  • Neotec Initiative for the creation and consolidation of new technology based companies, committed to the creation of own R&D lines.
  • Genoma España, a Spanish Foundation that drives technology development, transfer of knowledge and innovation, particularly in the biotechnology sector.
  • Xunta de Galicia. IN841C-2008/64
  • Xunta de Galicia. 07CSA009E
  • Programa Torres Quevedo.PTQ-08-01-06651
  • Programa Torres Quevedo.PTQ-08-01-06906
  • Programa Torres Quevedo.PTQ-09-01-00062
  • Programa Torres Quevedo.PTQ-09-02-02176
  • Programa Torres Quevedo.PTQ-09-02-02239
  • Xunta de Galicia. IN841C-2012/199
  • CDTI and Technological Funds, supported by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, and Consejería de Economía e Industria through the Axencia Galega de Innovación (GAIN). ITC-20133020 SINTOX
  • FP7-SME-2012. 31528
  • CDTI   ISIP (Bilateral India). IDI-20130304
  • ICEX NEXT              


CIFGA has participated in the following Trade Shows and Congresses:

5º Congreso Ibérico de Cianotoxinas. 1er Congreso Iberoamericano de Cianotoxinas: 17-19 Julio, 2017. Lugo, Spain.

6º Congreso Español de Metrología6-9 Junio, 2017. San Fernando (Cádiz), España.

BIOSPAIN 2014. 24-26 de Septiembre, 2014. Santiago de Compostela, España.

- Marine and Freshwater Toxins Analysis 4th Joint Symposium and AOAC Task Force Meeting: May 5-9, 2013. Baiona, Spain.

- BIOASIA 2013. January 28-30, 2013. Hyderabad, India.

- 7th Conference of The World Mycotoxin Forum and the XIIIth IUPAC International Symposium on Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins: November 5-9, 2012. Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

- BIOSPAIN 2012. September 19-21, 2012. Bilbao, Spain.

- 125th AOAC Annual Meeting & Exposition: September 18-21, 2011. New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.

- 8th International Conference on Molluscan Shellfish Safety: June 12-17, 2011. Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, Canada.

Both with grants from IGAPE and Consellería de Economía e Industria (Xunta de Galicia)


CIFGA has a strong commitment to Research and Development, and is glad to form part of several Technological Platforms:
  • BIOTEGA: Plataforma Tecnolóxica Galega de Biotecnología
  • BIOGA: Clúster Tecnolóxico Empresarial das Ciencias da Vida
  • PTGAL: Plataforma Tecnolóxica Galega Agroalimentaria