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Cifga Chemical Laboratory

Cifga Chemistry Laboratory
has a large know-how acquired throughout the processes that are developed in the company related to the culture of marine microalgae, and different extraction and purification protocols applied to these microalgae as well as to seafood, which are used as raw material.

Along the processes, specific analysis are developed and carried out with different techniques of HPLC and/or NMR so to achieve the production of the compounds of interest, which are the marine toxins that will be used as standards for controlling the environmental safety, monitoring programs, seafood safety, studying new mechanisms of action and potential therapeutic uses.

Marine toxins standards
We have developed a multitoxin detection method for extracts of different species of molluscs and processed shellfish products that covers the same analytic range than bioassay, using ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography in combination with tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC–MS/MS) which has a high degree of sensitivity and selectivity.
We have an interdisciplinary and expert staff focused on liquid chromatography services applied to marine toxin and fresh water, including detection of:

- Okadaic Acid (OA) Group
- Pectenotoxin (PTX) Group
- Yessotoxin (YTX) Group
- Azaspiracid (AZA) Group
- Cyclic Imines Group (SPXs, GYM...)
- Brevetoxins (PbTxs) Group
- Saxitoxin (STX) Group
- Domoic Acid (DA) Group
- Tetrodotoxin (TTX) Group
- Freshwater toxins

Therefore, and basing on the know-how related to the culture, extraction and purification protocols developed, CIFGA provides quantification services, mainly by analytical methodology such as Ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography with different detectors: fluorescence, UV, MS/MS, and also by NMR. These services are applied to different fields:

- Biochemical/Clinical/Drugs
- Biological and natural compounds
- Food analysis/Aditives
- Environmental analysis
- Organic compounds

Our equipment includes:

  • Analytical systems:

1.   ACQUITY UPLC binary system with XevoTMTQ MS detector (tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer with ScanWaveTMcollision cell technology).
2.   HPLC binary system with QTRAPTM MS/MS detector (hybrid triple quadrupole linear ion trap mass spectrometer).
3.   Alliance HPLC binary system with fluorescence and UV/Visible detectors.
4.   HPLC binary system with fluorescence detector.

  • Analytical-preparative systems:
5.   3100 mass detector: single quadrupole atmospheric pressure ionization.
6.   Quattro micro mass detector: tandem cuadrupole atmospheric pressure ionization.
7.   UV/Visible detector.
8.   Different sample managers and binary-quaternary gradient modules.
You can contact us at cifga.std100@cifga.es to customize your project, making your needs our own, maintaining a fluid communication and guaranteeing absolute confidentiality at every level.